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It seems like I periodically do this thing, where I realize I never actually write in my own lj. I had the idea to just do recs, since I don't seem to do much else here, but I always forget to save links before moving on to the next thing. Then there always seems to be something new stopping me from going back to find old favorites or if I do try to find the old favs, I get sucked in rereading them and then going on a spiraling adventure where I start by reading a Criminal Minds story and somehow ending up getting into a fandom for a soap opera I've never watched before. (True story, bro. ATWT. LuRe is my otp.)

Finding these new fandoms always seems to take just one author writing a story I really like from a fandom I like. When I look for more from the author, I end up trying out these different fandoms, because hey, I liked their other story so maybe theres something to this new one and/or fandom. After that it usually evolves into a crazy amount of time on youtube to see if I actually like the canon of the fandom. If I do like it, then I typically end up having to find the series/movie and have a crazy marathon, followed up by a crazy fanfic finding/reading marathon. If I don't seem to like canon, I'll often still go right to the crazy fanfic finding/reading marathon anyways. I'll typically have at least 4, if not way more than that, tabs going with different sites looking for fic for a few days, diving into the fandom anytime I have time to play around online. It's crazy.

I end up driving myself insane though, because I'll read so much, that it's almost overload. Later when I think of one of the stories I read and now want to reread I can't really remember where the heck I found it because it was some crazy journey of this site links to this one and then that to this and so on. In an effort to help with my own mental wellness, I'm thinking of getting a pinboard account. I've read a few different discussions about the various bookmarking websites, and it seems like that might be the one to go with. Whether I follow through with saving stories I like remains to be seen, but with the bookmarklets available for Firefox, I'm hopeful. I think having the button right there on my toolbar will make me more apt to save the links. We'll see I guess.

If this works tho, the next thing I'll have to work on is following through with the various stories I've thought of/started...
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Title: No One Puts Porcelain In The Corner (or The One Where Sue Reclaims Her Lost Cheerio)
Rating: PG-13 (I’m rounding up, I think, but better safe than sorry)
Pairing: Pre Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: Through “Special Education”
Word Count: 4,877
Disclaimer: Not mine. Please don’t sue me.
Warnings: Pretty cracktastic, some swearing and innuendo
Betas: The lovely
[info]sarinmorphine  and [info]tlaina 
Summary:  Things still not quite kosher at Dalton Academy, Kurt receives some visitors.
AN #1: I know nothing about cheerleading beyond what I’ve seen on TV. All moves were gotten from Youtube videos, so if they don’t make sense, sorry, but as far as I can tell they are all actual moves and quite possible. (Or possible for some people who are not me anyway.)
AN #2: Credit to
[info]quackaquacka ’s Sue Sylvester Is Not A Force Of Nature (she's just the one who makes it bend to her will) for inspiring me and [info]pyroclastic  for the Happy Feet comparison.

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Nov. 21st, 2010 10:00 am
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So yay. I went back and copied the recs from the author rec posts I had originally made and deleted those posts. I'm not doing the recs like that anymore and I only ever got about half way through anyway. The whole thing being unfinished was driving me insane. I feel all accomplished now. :) I still hope to add some more recs sometime today so we'll just how accomplished I get though.
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This will be for fandoms that I like, but just don't have enough recs to start its own page or for fandoms that while I might have liked it in the past or maybe even still like it now, I don't actively read in anymore.

Crossover Recs )
CW RPS Recs )
Die Hard Recs )
Entourage Recs )
Merlin Recs )
Southland Recs )

Torchwood Recs )

Updated: 11/22/10
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Well, it was as I thought it would be. My internet ADD struck again and it's been 3 months since I worked on updating my recs. I have a little quiet time right now and if my attention cooperates, I should hopefully do quite a bit of updating. I'll even start a shiny new list for Generation Kill, the fandom that ate my brain 3 months ago right after I started these lists. As usual, it will remain to be seen if I keep up with the updates.
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All recs are from the JJ Abrams movie. I never watched any of the Star Trek series and I have no plans to in the future. Honestly, I was really surprised I loved the movie so much because I always hated the shows. All recs are sorted under the appropriate pairing, although they'll probably involve Kirk with either/both Spock and McCoy, they're currently only Kirk/Spock.

Recs )

Updated: 11/19/10
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All recs are separated by pairing, but as you'll probably notice, they all involve Kurt.

Recs )

Updated 11/26/10
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Much easier making this all one list then splitting everything up, so all seasons are included and people who aren't necessarily part of AI, but are in the lives of the contestants get included. Pairings vary, so they'll be listed with each rec.

Recs )

Updated 11/22/10

Take 2...

Aug. 24th, 2010 05:36 am
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Ha. Over a year ago now, I decided I wanted to set up rec lists. For about a week I was very good about keeping up with that, and then I got distracted. (I'm apparently very ADD on the internet.) Anyways, I want to try this again, but a little differently this time. I want to set up a master list for each fandom I like, and hopefully I can add to it as I go along and add new master lists as I find new fandoms, but we shall see how that works with my internet ADD.
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When I started this, I debated whether or not to direct link to the fics, but I know some authors are touchy about that for whatever reasons, so I went with no for now. Quicker for me with less chance of pissing someone off, but who knows, that might change in the future. I also decided, that for now I would just use the author's description for fics. Again, I might go back and change that later, but less spoilers that way and it allows me to be lazy. So yeah great. Anyways, with all those decisions out of the way, I went to the various authors' sites and OMG. I was sucked back in all over again. It was so hard to just pick with out reading everything all over again, so yeah... I spent hours rereading various fics when I really was supposed to be doing something else. I can't really complain. I mean, awesome fic! Nobody was holding a gun to my head. Although at certain points, that gun might have been necessary to pull me away from my computer and I'm still not sure if it would have worked. Its all good though. I put a giant Do Not Disturb sign on my door, phones are set right to voicemail, and I have a fridge full of caffienated beverages. The rest of the world is going to have to just stay away for a little while, I'm going back in....
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Ok, yeah the whole updating my lj thing... I suck. I suck a lot. I'm so busy reading everybody elses and commenting there, that I never write in my own. So in hopes of actually making my lj actually look a little less like a spambot's, I'm gonna try a little something different. I'm going to try to rec fics or authors. I'll start by going through who I've friended on lj and hopefully add as time goes on. If nothing else, all the recs will be easy access for myself. So yeah here we go. I'll be going alphabetically to start with and should have the first one up soon.


Apr. 14th, 2009 11:19 pm
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Hello you poor unfortunate souls who come across this. I've recently kind of figured out my friends page. *long pause* Yeah. I'm a moron, what can I say. It only took what, 2 years? Whatever. If you are someone that I've friended and are trying to check me out, hey *waves* I obviously don't post a lot, mostly read. I wish I could write well, and contribute to the fic community, but me and writing tends to be bad. I sometimes get ideas that I think would make a great story and as soon as I start trying to write, my brain freezes and.... yeah, its bad. Anyways, if you're here because I friended you, feel happy knowing you rock! Why else would I friend you? :P Me and my dunce cap only friend the cool people.

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OMG. People are so very frickin stupid. If for whatever reason you have stumbled upon this LJ, go here.  Its called Not Always Right and it shows just how really, really, really stupid people can be. Its provided me with countless hours of laughter and awe. Some just leave me dumbfounded. Just when you think people can't be any stupider, they surprise you. So yes. Best. Site. Ever.
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This is for those who I friend or for those communitys I join. I am a real live being. Human even. Although it has been questioned. (Its been said I may be a vampire. I'm a night person what can I say. *g*) And for those who need an age, I'm not saying, but I am over the legal limit. Girls got to have some secrets right? Smooches to all.
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