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All recs are separated by pairing, but as you'll probably notice, they all involve Kurt.


Don’t Care If You Understand by fictionalcandie
The new girl in Glee gives Kurt the perfect opportunity to prove a point — one involving Puck, of course.

It's A Good Time To Be Hebrew... On Christmas by louie x
With everyone excited about Christmas, Puck finds himself with eight days of secret gifts on a holiday he thought no one remembered.

Making Friends (In that special Puck kind of way by kickstartheart
Finn convinces Puck that he needs to start being nicer to Kurt. Puck does what he does best and takes Kurt out on his version of a date.

Mystery Boy by deviant_dev
Puck goes to a secret sex party & hooks up with a mysterious cross-dressing boy...

Of Lists, Bowling, and Math by metallic_etoile
It’s kind of hard to get over a crush when you don’t really want to

Of Phonecalls and Fights by stacie-xx
Burt stiffens. At first, Burt thinks that he only does that because of the perceived insult to his child. It takes a few minutes for him to realise that there's a second reason. It's the voice. That voice. The voice from the phone call. The voice that called his son a fag.

Out Loud by aralia_aro
A school shooting at McKinley High turns Kurt’s life into a Kelly Rowland song. And he doesn’t even really like Kelly Rowland.

Please by amaXdear
Kurt was the sluttiest virgin Noah has ever met. But he really doesn't care, as long as he doesn't stop talking.

Sue Sylvester: Matchmaker by fakeplasticsnow
The mere sight of Sue Sylvester is enough to make Cupid piss his diapers. That candy-ass little bastard doesn't stand a chance.

The Ballad of Kurt and Puck - A Love Story in Five Parts by glitterfey
Puck knows what he wants. If only he could act like it...

Traveling Shoes by CarolineCrane
Kurt offers Puck some unsolicited advice, and Puck tries to take it to heart.

Very Sexy Veteran by mildly_obsessed
Taken from glee_kink: Kurt is reacquainted with Puck ___ years after graduating high school: a not-so-blind date scenario constructed by the old McKinley High gleeks

What Would Patti LuPone Do? by fakeplasticsnow
Liz Phair used to be so awesome. Also: Spanish lessons, fantasy sequences, fun with anagrams, stupid boy feelings, glances across a cafeteria, and an "Incubus," whatever the hell that is.

Where the days are hotter than hot by eyesarmslove
Kurt finds himself a new hobby

W(ooing)T(he)F(airy) aka How To Successfully Woo A Dude Who May Not Be All That In To You (but probably totally is because, seriously, have you seen my guns?) by Vicki
Puck has never claimed to be an expert at wooing or anything but he's pretty sure getting into Kurt's pants should be easier than this. With a little help from some not-so-legally obtained AV Club property and Brittany, Puck thinks he may be well on his way.

Words We Use For You and Me by CarolineCrane

AU. After Kurt transfers to Dalton, his life is perfect. He has friends and a spot in the show choir, and a hot boyfriend who's totally into him, so it's easy to ignore the nagging feeling that something's missing. Then Puck turns up and Kurt's life gets a lot more complicated.


Summer 2010 by Aristide
Stuff happens, smut ensues.


Be Yourself and Five Other Clichés by fakeplasticsnow

In which Kurt can be butch and Puck can be classy and Mike's terrible at keeping secrets and everybody's in the celibacy club (which Kurt eventually destroys), and why the hell hasn't Matt said anything yet?

Mike and the Mechanics Series by crackedaglet
After bringing his car to Hummel's Tire and Lube, Mike Chang begins to see Kurt Hummel in a new light. Kurt is similarly affected.

More Fun Than Your Right Hand by fakeplasticsnow
Kurt is handcuffed to Mike Chang. It's not as kinky as it sounds.


Class Sophistication and Taste [aka: Kurt liked suit vests. He liked them a lot.] by rrrowr
Prompt by [ profile] pinkishlamb: Kurt watches as Blaine starts going to McKinley, committing fashion errors of the highest order, one after another. He decides to answer this obvious cry for help with a makeover.

Curlicue by abluegirl
Kurt likes Blaine's curls a little too much.

Dream (By The Fire, Babe) by threepwillow
Kurt's Black Friday gets off to a rough start, but he hits the mall and ends up getting way more than he ever hoped for.

Endearing by lookninjas
Three times Wes and David talked to Blaine about Kurt, and one time they talked to Kurt about Blaine.

En Guarde! by byham_rory
Finn's more observant than people give him credit for, because he totally knows something's up with Kurt.  When Jacob Ben Israel reveals that he knows what's up thanks to a hidden camera, Finn goes into protective-big-brother mode and swears to make things all better.  Also, he threatens Blaine with a steak knife because he just so happens to have one in his hand.

Finn Hudson's Awkward Adventures in Narnia by particularly good finder
An exercise in dialogue. Finn and Blaine find themselves trapped in a closet. Awkward doesn't even begin to describe how they're feeling.

Friends, Family, and Food, Glorious Food by particularly good finder
In which Wes and David mooch, Blaine tags along, Finn makes new friends, Grandma Hummel preaches, and Kurt just wants some pie; this is a Hummel-Hudson Thanksgiving to remember.

Happy Again by spawn_hell
The natural procession of Kurt and Blaine’s relationship, as seen through Burt’s eyes.

Hypothetically Speaking by threepwillow
Fill for this at the prompting post! I may be slightly obsessed with them texting each other in fic, and I've kind of had "sexting/phonesex" on the back-burner for these two for a while, so when I saw how hungry people were for this at the prompt I was like "fuck it, I'm on duty, I have to be awake until 2 anyway. Let's do this."

Initiation by aelora
Ummm, cracktastic? Normally I write long, plotty fic with angst. Here you get tackle hugs, streaking and penis-shaped cookies. IDEK. I blame Dalton Academy, quite honestly… I feel ashamed.

Kurt-Napped by bekah_r
The glee club makes a valiant attempt to rescue one of their own. Too bad nobody actually needs rescuing.

Midweek Morning by svz_insanity
Blaine, Wes, and David kidnap Kurt in the middle of a school for lunch. (That's totally not what Kurt had in mind when he said, "Sure, we should definitely do lunch or dinner sometime.")

My First Kiss Went A Little Like This (But It's Got Nothing On The Second One) by quackaquacka
Kurt's got better things to do than reflect, but it happens anyway.

My Mechanic by jedishadowolf
Blaine's stuck on the side of the road & Kurt's there to rescue him.

On Centrifugal Living by nthcoincident
Twelve months and a love story in cups of coffee.

ontd_DAFB (A Misfire Fill) by atruebluesky
All the girls at Dalton's sister school are obsessed with the Dalton boys. Kurt makes it his mission to find out why, and discovers more then he bargained for.

Saturday by it_mightbe_love
Kurt thinks Saturdays will quickly become tradition...

Secret Agents by SoBlonde1202
If Blaine is going to gush about Kurt, it should be at Kurt. This, at least, is how his best friends feel after three weeks of the non-stop Hummel network.

Someday You Will Be Loved by Keitorin Asthore

"Furt": It's either suffer daily torture, or change schools. Kurt is still reeling over it, and Blaine's reaction surprises him. Klaine. A series that fills in the gaps of Kurt and Blaine's relationship.

Stratagem by sponging
It's a rad bromance, they insist, that's it. Then things get complicated and, well, the best laid plans of mice and men...

take me by the hand and tell me by preromantics
First kiss fic featuring movies, car singing, picnics, and Brittany's ninth sense. They don't hold hands, not really, but when Kurt takes his hand away for a moment in the middle of the movie to rub some warmth back into his fingers before putting his hand back, Blaine takes it and presses his palm over the back of Kurt's hand, reaching with his fingers to rub circles against his knuckles.

Taste the Warming Glow by pyroclastic (Sequel: Picking Out All the Stars That We Like)
“I think about kissing you a lot, actually. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No,” Kurt responds, breathless like he’d been held under water and had just then broke the surface to gasp for air. “I don’t mind at all.”

Thaw Verse by crackedaglet
Kurt performs. Mike applauds. Blaine amuses himself.

The Dalton Boys are Filled With Geeks Verse by infraredphaeton
Dalton Academy is filled with dorks.

The Dalton Musketeers by Fabrisse
It takes awhile for them to get together. Wes and David help.

There's Something More That I'm Trying to Say (via Text Message) by svz_insanity
Kurt and Blaine keep in touch via texting, New Directions and The Warblers keep snooping. Kurt and Blaine decide to pull a prank on them.

thousand ways to leave this place by sotto_voice
Kurt has to figure out how life works now.

What Can I Get by threepwillow
Kurt is seriously, seriously thisclose to quitting Cheerios, especially with this current fundraising situation. And Blaine's cryptic text messages are so not helping.

When Obvious Meets Oblivious by fleurdelisse
The one where Blaine flirts with songs, Kurt is thick and Finn is scarred for life.

Why Kurt Hummel Hates Facebook by byham_rory
Kurt really, really should have just de-friended Jesse while he had the chance...


Smoke and Mirrors by notfar
Kurt and Artie are secretly dating. So are Mercedes and Tina. Because it's just more fun if nobody knows.


Broadway Geeks by broadwaypants
Kurt and Rachel are both on vacation in New York City at the same time. Their respective sets of parents aren't too keen on seeing a bunch of musicals, so the duo sets off together and end up spending two weeks together.

Kurt's on Broadway? by broadwaypants
Future fic where Kurt's on Broadway and Rachel becomes his number one fan.

Taken To Heart, Taken Too Hard by Keitorin Asthore
It's Kurt's first day at Dalton, away from McKinley. Everyone's just glad he's okay...but Puck takes it seriously. Maybe too seriously.

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